Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Working at an album rock station was heaven. Meeting rock stars, playing their records, talking to the town on 100,000 watts, and getting paid for it too. There were also the front row concert tickets and other great things.
I have paid for the front row tickets over the years with some hearing loss, but I wouldn't give back a minute of the fun. Every one from the day will recall that it wasn't a good concert unless you came out with your ears ringing and it sounding like someone had stuffed your ears with cotton when you talked.
One of the big benefits of working at KLOL was the promotional T shirts that record promoters gave to the staff. 1969 to 1979 were the golden years of vintage rock T shirts, and I own some true classics.
I am posting pictures of some of the really great recording artist promotional T shirts that I got while at KLOL.
Some of my vintage T shirts, such as the original Grateful Dead Skull and Roses, Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon, and ELO's ElDorado were worn until they became see through shirts and fell apart. Others have weathered the years in fine fashion.
ZZ Top is at the top of my favorite vintage rock t shirt list.
ZZ Top was without a doubt the greatest hometown Houston band. ZZ Top really broke out of Houston when they opened for the Rolling Stones in Hawaii. We always were big fans of the home town boys, and KLOL airplay showed that fact.
I remember the excited call that I got from Billy Gibbons when he told me about their big break.
I will be adding more T Shirts as time permits.


cwlucas89 said...

Man would you ever sell either of these shirts? They're so cool!


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We are really impressed with your collection… Thanks for sharing with us…

Anonymous said...

i have always been a big fan of vintage t-shirts. i love wearing them. thanks for bringing it into my attention.
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