Monday, January 7, 2008


I had a very good relationship with the Who and their manager, Bill Curbishley. He had previously managed The Crazy World of Arthur Brown (that goes back a way), Thunderclap Newman, Marc Bolan, and The Who. He is still in the management business.
He was the exclusive manager of the Who. His company later managed Judas Priest, in addition to Robert Plant, and Jimmy Page, after they left Led Zepplin. I had a standing invitation to his beach house in Spain.

The Who really knew how to have a party. Dom Perignon Champagne always flowed from the fountains. Just dip your glass under the falling Dom Perignon, and you were in business. Plus, no expense was spared when it came to the food.

The Who came to Houston many times, and I always went to the after concert parties. One party, after the "Who By Numbers" concert got out of hand. It was at a ballroom at Houston's Galleria Hotel. The single "Squeeze Box" was being promoted to Houston radio and press. The place was packed.

The party organizers hired some scantily clad entertainers from a local exotic club to entertain. They were making attempts to play "squeeze boxes," small, primitive accordions, as they covered their upper bodies with them while onstage.

Things began to get out of hand when a roadie from the group went on stage and joined the fun. Apparently, after having too much Dom Perignon, he attempted some indiscrete advances toward the scantily clad girls. Houston Police, who were providing security, moved in and things started getting crazy.

As the commotion increased, I said to my ex wife, "Lets get the heck out of here while we can." It was too late because the police and hotel security closed the doors and no one was going in or out of that room.

Who bassist, John Ethwistle, tired to intervene and calm the situation down, but was arrested by the police instead. It was the proverbial "No good deed goes unpunished." He was taken to the station house by the cops, but he was never booked. He was released to his manager after signing autographs for his many police department fans.

Not every Who event was so extreme. Most were fairly sedate and reserved affairs. Every one was always well mannered. I jetted to Dallas, for a concert review for KLOL of the Who's latest concert when Roger Daltrey released his solo album, "Ride a Rock Horse." Dom Perignon flowed again and no one else ever got arrested at any other Who event that I went to.

The Who members were forbidden to give any individual on the air radio interviews while they were in town for the "Who By Numbers Show." However, Keith Moon had met KLOL's Jackie McCauley while he was in town.

There was a phone call to her while she was on the air the next day after the concert and party from a person with an English accent who called himself, "Keith X." He called himself "Keith X" since no official interviews or phone calls by Who group members could be done.

She only would talk to him on the air at KLOL. No off the air interaction. There was no doubt in anyone's mind who he was and his intentions soon became obvious . He tried to convince her to go out with him when he was there. He begged and pled, and then tried whining and moaning to convince her. But, she declined.

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