Monday, January 7, 2008


KLOL played a major part in the national rise to stardom of Canadian group "Heart." When I was music director of the station, I got a call in 1976 from a cross country truck driver listener who told me about their album that he heard while in Vancouver, B.C. and about their big Canadian fan base. He asked if he could bring a copy of the Canadian release of "Dreamboat Annie", their first album, to the station. I gave it a listen while he was at the station and gave him about a dozen new really good lps in a trade for his Canadian LP.

The LP was an immediate hit with the KLOL airstaff and got lots of airplay. As far as I knew, KLOL was the first station in the country to play their debut lp. The album was released generally in the U.S. not long after that, and the rest is history. KLOL was later awarded a gold record as recognition of its contribution to the group's rise.

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