Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Here is a medium size Ringo Starr Vintage rock T shirt. I believe that this came out to promote Ringo's "RINGO" Album. I have two of these.

"Ringo" was the only solo album on which all of the ex Beatles performed. He got a little help from his friends John , George, and Paul. Although they were never in the studio at the same time, the mark and sound of the Beatles is present throughout the album. That is especially true of the unmistakable guitar work of George Harrison, particularly on "Photograph" and "It Don't Come Easy."

"Ringo" was released on November 2, 1973 in the USA and on November 9 in Great Britain. It stayed on the charts for thirty-seven weeks. It was in the top ten for eight weeks and at its peak was number two at Billboard Magazine.It reached number one on Cashbox and Record World.

Ringo sang "Photograph," a song co-written by George Harrison and performed by both on the Ringo LP at the "Concert for George" on November 29, 2002, at the Royal Albert Hall, London on the first anniversary of Harrison's death.

The lyrics of the song hauntingly brought back memories of George.
"Ev'ry time I see your face,
It reminds me of the places we used to go.
But all I've got is a photograph,
And I realise you're not coming back anymore.
I can't get used to living here,
While my heart is broke, my tears I cried for you.
I want you here to have and hold,
As the years go by and we grow old and grey."

See Ringo in his latest incarnation on the "Storytellers" series on VH1 Classic.
He has many stories about the day.

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