Friday, January 4, 2008


You never knew who was going to walk into the door at KLOL. It could be anyone from George Harrison to a KKK member. We were not the darlings of the Klan. Life was certainly inteteresting.

Psychic Uri Geller paid a visit to the radio station when we were at 510 Lovett Blvd. in Houston. He was famous for things from what seemed to be common parlor tricks, to mind reading, to bending spoons by rubbing them. He did a demonstration of all three. I got some spoons from the break room, and he easlly bent each spoon completely backwards by gently rubbing them between his fingers after I gave each one to him. I was impressed. He said that anyone could do this. Taking this as a challenge, I shocked myself by picking up a spoon, placing it between my own fingers, rubbing it, and watching it bend in my hand before my own disbelieveing eyes. I could never repeat this feat again. It was our spoon too, not a magic prop.

News Director, Bob Wright, took him into a production studio to do a full interview with him. He told us that taped radio interviews never turned out well because something always happened that made the audio tape unusable. Bob got a new reel to reel tape out, and put it on the big Ampex recorder. He tested it, and it worked fine.

We went into the production studio to listen to the taped interview, and Uri was right. The interview was there; however, as the voice of either Bob or Uri would be heard as the interview progressed, there would come blank tape silence in the middle of what was being said, and then voice again. Voice, silence, voice, silence.... This repeated itself throughout the whole interview session. The tape was useless for broacast. It sounded like one side of the reel to reel tape had been bulk erased. We tried it on two other Ampex recorders, and it was the same story. We then did a test recording on the tape and it worked perfectly.

Bob was with URI the whole time during the interview and until he left the building.
He was never left alone for a second. Uri still is a mystery to me.

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~Çχ Atlantic♡ said...

There is a probable metaphysic explanation for why this happened, but at the risk of sounding like a complete lunatic, I'll keep my mouth shut...