Thursday, January 24, 2008


Here is my KLIF 1190 AM press pass issued by the Dallas Police Department in 1969 and signed by Charles Batchelor, who was Assistant Dallas Police Chief when JFK was shot in 1963, and my KLOL FM (K101)press pass signed by the Harris County Sheriff's Department's Sheriff Jack Heard in Houston in 1973. Jack Heard was the only person to ever serve as the City of Houston's Police Chief and Harris County Sheriff. These passes were necessary to enter press conferences and to cross police lines into crime scenes and other ordinarily restricted areas.

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Meridian said...

I was off air at home painting the bathroom when I heard the "Book" stumble through an intro to George Harrison.

I could not believe how rude Levi was to George. I lived only a block away and was in the studio in about ten minutes.

There was Levi arguing with George. I took Levi's seat in front of the mike and took over the interview.

We had a rather rambing conversation; discussing the tour, Maya, Ravi Shankar (his sister was on the tour). I also interviewed Tom Scott who was very nice.

I had brought my dog to the studio, a cairn terrier. George and the dog got on great until he got the pup over excited. The pup lifted his leg on Harrison's pants and peed on him. George laughed and picked him up and muttered something about this being a first for any interview he had had.

So Jim, that was the rest of the story. Remember?