Friday, January 18, 2008


I started to title this blog the "Bob Dylan Rolling Thunder Revue Concert Vintage
T Shirt."
But, the fact is that it isn't a T shirt.
This vintage rock promotional shirt was actually printed by the promoters on an insulated long underwear top. Dylan's promoters spent more than the average amount of money on printing these promotional shirts because of the type of garment it is.
This long sleeve top has three buttons on the front at the center top. Printed on the right side is "Hard Rain" "Ft. Collins, Colorado.
Take a look at the back for the concert line up of Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Bob Neuwirth, and Dylan's good friend and mentor Jack Eliott.
This concert tour was in late 1975 and 1976. I originally had two of these shirts, but one got a couple of small rust stain spots on the front many years ago. I can't believe now that I actually used the other slightly spotted shirt to wax my car and then threw it away.

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Dabbjr said...

I have this shirt in MINT condition, if you are interested?