Monday, January 7, 2008

KLOL AND JETHRO TULL- A good concert goes bad for 1 DJ

One memorable concert was when KLOL presented Jethro Tull. The KLOL DJ emceeing the concerts always had a couple of backstage passes. The DJ/emcee on this particular show brought his live in girlfriend backstage. Everyone on the KLOL staff was surprised to learn several days later that his girlfriend ran off with the band's bass player.

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Anonymous said...

Being an avid Tullie from nearly the start of the several people who have manned the bass slot in 40 years of Tull, currently on their sixth, the only one of these gentleman who would have been likely to make the move mentioned, and I know most of these guys, was the original bass player, between 68 and 71, Glenn Cornick. Indeed that is the sole offence which saw him removed from the group. Remember the groupies used to refer to Tull as Jethro Dull, one of them mentioned, jeez, the keyboard player was doing calculus problems. Tull, they may indeed be boring, but they have always been as far removed from rock and roll lifestyle as any in the game, for better or worse, and they are still going. Going well.