Tuesday, January 8, 2008


The biggest star who visited was George Harrison. He was on tour and visiting Houston with jazzman Tom Scott. At the same time he visited Houston, Elton John released "Lucy in The Skies With Diamonds." Many rock stars listened to KLOL during their off time while in town, and that was exactly what George Harrison was doing after his concert.

He called our night jock, Levi Booker. He asked in his unmistakeable Cockney accented voice, "Who sang that song?" after Levi played it on the air. Apparently he had never heard this version of the Sgt. Pepper classic. He said "I had a little bit of something to do with that song coming into being." Levi thought it was a put on by some KLOL listener. Levi didn't believe he was really talking to George Harrison.

Levi said, "I know the real George Harrison is in town, and he isn't you. If you're the real George Harrison, come down to our studios. I won't believe it otherwise." He discussed the idea with Tom and they decided that it would be a good promotional opportunity. George said that he would be there soon.

Soon, there was a knock at the door, and it was George Harrison and Tom Scott. George and Tom stayed several hours talking to Levi on the air. One part of that conversation was about money and happiness. George had plenty of the former, and was working hard on the latter.

Levi told him that he believed that money would give him personal happiness, if he could ever get a lot of it. George disagreed. Levi said, "Tell you what George, Give me $100,000.00, which was a ton of money at the time, and I'll show you the happiness it will give me."
I believe that George was actually considering doing exactly that. He took his time in responding as if he were considering conducting some kind of experiment in human behavior.

But, unfortunately for Levi, George said, "You wouldn't want the problems that would come with that money." "I can't do that to you." Levi said, "Try me George, do it to me George, do it to me." But, Levi received nothing, except a good time on the air with George Harrison, and we all got a great memorable experience.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing this story about George Harrison. I had always heard this story as legend and didn't know the details or if it had actually happened. I'm glad I found your blog. I worked at KLOL from 1986 to 1995. Like you, I am currently writing a blog about my experiences at KLOL and a couple other stations. You can click on my name for the link.

Meridian said...

Hi Jim,

Here's the rest of the story ... I was painting my bathroom and listening to the station when I heard Levi talking or should I say, arguing with George Harrison. I lived a block away ... and I raced to the station to see what the hell was going on.

When I went into the studio, there was George Harrison, Tom Scott and entourage. Levi was actually being rather rude. I interceded and took the mike and continued the interview.

BTW, I had brought my new pup with me; a cairn terrier. It was running loose in the studio and George was playing with it and got the pup pretty excited; so excited that he lifted his leg on Harrison's leg and peed on his pant leg. George roared with laughter and everyone broke up.

After about an hour of talking about everything from Maya, the great illusion to favorite influences and guitars, George said he needed to go and rest up for the next gig and added that it was his first interview that included being peed on "by a wee dog".

That's the rest of the story.

Cy Statum

Anonymous said...

Does the whole program survive? I have a scoped aircheck that lasts less than 35 minutes and I think that Levi Booker is the only interviewer heard...

jgh said...

To: Anonymous.
Most people wouldn't know what a scoped aircheck is if it bit them.

Were you at KLOL or some other station? Can I get a copy of the scoped aircheck? I would like to refresh my memory from 1976...32 years ago.

Cordially, Jim Hilty
KLOL PD 1974-1977

Anonymous said...

Sure, follow the link for a zipped archive in FLAC format. I'm a collector of Fab sounds. Never been in radio. Does anyone have the rest of the show to share...?



Anonymous said...

Cordially, you're welcome.

Levi Booker said...

I am Levi Booker, the air personality who was working in Houston at KLOL who interviewed George Harrison. I am now the Director of New Media/Marketing and Promotions for Stevie Wonder's radio station in Los Angeles, KJLH 102.3. I am extremely disturbed by the comment of this fake imposter, liar who goes by the name of Meridian. To claim that he lived a block away and "raced to the station to see what the hell was going on" and "took the mike and continued the interview". Let me set the record straight, I guess because; I was one of the first African-Americans to work on KLOL, K101, including Jackie McCauley. Our program director at the time, also one of my radio mentors was Tony Raven (that was his on-air name). If anyone would have come into the studio, intercede and take the microphone; I would have beat the shit out of them. There was some negative response from the community at large (some of the rednecks) that felt I was somewhat rude in my interview approach with the great George Harrison. I would like to note, that I have the entire interview and it was one of the highlights of my career. The only reason I happened to respond to this comment so late, is that I shared this experience with some business associates of mine and they found this referenced online. I can be reached in Los Angeles at this number, (310)-330-2271, if anyone would like to verify this. I am the real deal.

whateveryouwant said...

Great story! Just one thing- George Harrison was from Wavertree in Liverpool, and had what they call a "Scouse" accent.
Cockney is a London dialect, and George DEFINITELY did not speak with a London accent!
I should know- I'm from Liverpool myself!
Hope this enlightens you.
Hare Krishna x

Anonymous said...

He called our night jock, Levi Booker. He asked in his unmistakeable Cockney accented voice, "Who sang that song?"

Uh, the Liverpool accent is as far away form Cockney (London) as Brooklynese is from Hillbilly!